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Loft Conversion Styles Cornwall

There are many different styles of loft conversions, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Restormel are here to help you chose the one that is best suited to you.

The Velux Conversion:

Also known as a rooflight conversion, Velux windows have proven to be very popular with most loft conversions in the UK. Initially, this is the loft conversion that most people think of. The Velux loft conversion is usually the most cost effective that doesn't often need planning permission. Leaving the original structure of the house untouched, the windows are fitted specially in order to line up with the shape of the roofing. This also allows a lot more light to enter the room. As there is no need to alter the roof in any significant way, this type of conversion minimises its overall cost. The Velux often works particularly well for those lofts that have sufficient headroom or if there are certain constraints on planning.

The Dormer conversion:

The Dormer conversion consists of an extension to the existing roof of a property, allowing for that extra bit of floor space and headroom. These conversions can be built in a number of styles and often jut out from the shape of the roofing, usually at the back of the house. Internally, they have flat, horizontal ceiling and vertical walls.

There are various types of dormer:
Gable fronted dormer - similar to that of a dog house shape.
Hipped roof dormer - a dormer with a hipped roof.
Flat roof dormer - a dormer conversion with a flat roof.
Shed dormer - a single planed roof that is pitched at a shallower gable to the main roof

Flat roof dormers provide the most additional space internally possible, though they don't look as visually appealing from the outside of the home as the others. These dormers are a more popular choice for semi-detached or terraced houses due to the lower cost and ease of construction.

The gable fronted and hipped roof dormers both tend to look much more attractive from the outside, but don't often provide the same amount of internal space as the flat roof conversion and they also usually cost more to construct.

The Mansard Conversion:

The roof of a mansard conversion has two slopes, the lower slope being almost vertical and the top part is quite the opposite at almost being horizontal. Allowing for the ability to make the most of maximising the living space in your conversion. These conversion types are most commonly built by raising the walls of the gable at either side of the property in order to make the basic structure for the mansard and then creating the timber frame.

The Hip To Gable End Conversion:

Hip to gable conversions often consist of making quite radical changes to a property's roof. Usually, houses with hip roofing don't often have enough internal space for a loft conversion to be applicable. In these cases, hip to gable conversions offer the best solution. A new gable wall for the property will be built from masonry or studwork in order to create the base to extend the roofing. Once the property roofing has been extended, the hip to gable conversion is usually finished off with the choice of either velux windows or a type of dormer.

cornwall loft conversions
A 'Velux' loft conversion.
loft conversions cornwall
A 'Dormer' loft conversion.
Loft conversions in cornwall
A 'Mansard' loft conversion.
loft converters cornwall
A 'Hip to Gable End' loft conversion.
cornwall loft conversions
A loft conversion expands your living space.


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